The MacSplicer Podcast #35 – Positive and Negative Fighting Game Mentalities

This topic gets frequented quite a bit, however after experiencing it multiple times throughout last week I figured let’s try to break FGC mentality once more. Also, shout outs to Hrod and Alexein on their placings at BCM! 😀

Topics on this week’s show include:

  • Examples of Positive and Negative Mentalities in Fighting Games



Intermediate Tekken 7 – Revisiting Lili’s Overview and Back 1 Cancel

Intermediate Tekken 7 – Revisiting Lili’s Overview and Back 1 Cancel
Date Published: April 4, 2018

I revisit Lili’s gameplan and her utility of back 1 as how it pertains to higher level play. Hopefully this redeems my last attempt of educating Lili’s with my sub par Lili Beginner Overview.

Kemonomichi II Player Analysis – Handling Losses

Kemonomichi II Player Analysis – Handling Losses
Date Published: 14 March, 2018

Taking a look at how losses are handled from two very different players with not much in common but being handed defeat at Kemonomichi II.

I give my intake on what it must mean to Tanukana losing such a close back and forth long set and the significance of the mirror match in fighting games.

I also try and theorize what it must meant for Tokido to fall short to his long time rival Daigo, and why this felt so much more personal to him, than any other win or loss he’s experienced prior.

The MacSplicer Podcast #33 – Theory Behind Fighting Game Player Caliber

What is reasoning behind the Western fighting game community lagging a bit behind the Asian fighting game community when it comes to personal development and general improvement? I have a few ideas, but one theory is the ability to train with high level players on a frequent basis.

Topics on this week’s show include:

  • Getting better at fighting games; the West compared to Asia

ELeague Tekken 7 Player Analysis – Emotion vs Composure

ELeague Tekken 7 Player Analysis – Emotion vs Composure
Date Published: 9 March 2018

This one is basically a fight commentary except without the play-by-play. The focus here was to compare two playstyles of two very highly skilled Tekken 7 players in JimmyJTran (Bryan Fury) and PokeChop (Josie Rizal) as they go back and forth at the ELeague invitational for Tekken 7.

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