Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveal Trailer Breakdown

Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveal Trailer Breakdown
Date Published: June 12, 2017

It was one of my most anticipated games at E3 2017 and the reveal trailer did not disappoint. Animations, mechanics, and style in classic Arc System Works fashion—Dragon Ball FighterZ (DBF) has certainly made a great first impression.

Continue reading “Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveal Trailer Breakdown”


Top 3 Most Anticipated Games at E3 2017

Top 3 Most Anticipated Games at E3 2017
Date Published:
June 10, 2017

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is here and considering the convention is one of the largest with regards to game announcements, future console-maker direction, and other games media news, I figured it’s a perfect time to speculate on my most anticipated games I want to see at E3 2017. Continue reading “Top 3 Most Anticipated Games at E3 2017”

USFIV Arcade Mode Ep. 01 – Ryu

USFIV Arcade Mode Ep. 01 – Ryu
Date Published: 
June 2, 2017

A playthrough? From moi? Yes. I figured why not try a new series where I embarrass myself by showcasing my fighting game skills vs. the hardest difficulty of the computer. Ep. 1 features my USFIV Ryu. 

The State of the FGC in 2017

The State of the FGC in 2017
Published On: 
May 22, 2017

The Fighting Game Community (FGC) has experienced quite the change as of recent years, with 2015 perhaps having some of the most memorable moments in the competitive landscape, and 2016 elevating the exposure of fighting games primarily due to increased marketing and financial support from Sony and Capcom in regards to the release of Street Fighter V.

While we’re only at the midpoint of the year, how things play out in the second half of 2017, could very well be a tell on what the future holds for the FGC. Therefore, it would be a good time to take a closer look at the fighting games that headline the FGC in 2017, and how they impact the landscape, be it for better or for worse. Continue reading “The State of the FGC in 2017”

Fight Commentary – P4U2 Purepure (Labrys) vs 623 (Mitsuru) Continued

Fight Commentary – P4U2 Purepure (Labrys) vs 623 (Mitsuru) Continued
Published On: 
May 19, 2017

Part 2 of this set between the mighty Labrys king Purepure and 623’s Mitsuru. There really is a difference in player vs player level despite Purepure’s use of a lower tier character, he manages to outclass 623 both from a fundamental standpoint, and overall continuity with his character.

All hail the king.

Discovering Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late

Discovering Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late
Published On: April 12, 2017

If you’ve gone on any fighting game stream in the last couple of years, the odds of you seeing the question “When’s UNIEL?” were pretty high, it’s almost the anime fighting game equivalent to the famous inquiry of “When’s MAHVEL?”

Well, ask no further, after hearing about the game and watching bits and pieces of gameplay, I decided to give the small yet endeared fighting game a try, and to my surprise, it was quite different from what my preconceived notions determined it to be. Continue reading “Discovering Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late”

Discovering Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code

Discovering Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
Published On: March 13, 2017

Let’s be honest, anime implemented in anything is sure to be pretty interesting if not totally awesome in the process, well the same holds true with Melty Blood; an older fighting game series, but new to my fighting game collection. Continue reading “Discovering Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code”

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