The MacSplicer Offshoot #1 – Pilot

Hey, do you like The MacSplicer Podcast? Well this show is pretty similar in that I (MacSplicer) host it! The MacSplicer Offshoot debuts it’s first episode, as the first non-fighting game centric form of content on the website/channel. 

It’s a change of pace, and like everything done with enough repetition, it’s going to get better.

Topics covered on today’s Offshoot:

  • Introduction/What is the Offshoot?
  • Segments to reappear on the show.
  • A sneak peak into Stephen King’s Pet Sematery review.
  • Nervous rambling.

Early Impressions of Gantz:G

Early Impression of Gantz:G
Date Published: 
October 13, 2016

NOTE: This write-up does contain some spoilers regarding the first 12 chapters of the manga series Gantz:G.

Beautiful art coupled with brutal depictions. That was my initial impression of Gantz:G and through the early going, that hasn’t changed. This mature-themed, dark, multilayered manga is definitely not for the lighthearted. Continue reading “Early Impressions of Gantz:G”

My Anime/Manga/TV Backlog

My Anime/Manga/TV Backlog
Date Published:
 October 5, 2016

I’ve always kept up with my favorite shows and reading but as of late, I have added a few new ones, after finally dropping the ones that either ceased holding my interest or not as enjoyable for me as they were when it first started. This list is very much anime and manga centric with some western programming mixed in, the list doesn’t follow any specific order unless otherwise specified in the description. Continue reading “My Anime/Manga/TV Backlog”

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