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My name is Randy, but most commonly known as ‘MacSplicer’ online. I am an aspiring video game journalist who is using this site to work on my writing and hopefully get better in the process.

I write reviews for video games, mostly 7th and 8th console generation games (Xbox 360,PS3, and Xbox One, PS4). It’s unlikely that I will cover Nintendo games, due to the fact that I have never been interested in their franchises, nor have much cache with their games. However, I won’t exclude a game I’m interested in reviewing just because its on a Nintendo system.

To go along with reviews, I also feature some fighting game content, being that fighting games are my favorite genre of games.

If I feel I want to take a break from reviewing games, I might feature something completely random that I am interested in. But, video games will be the main focus on the site.

Lastly, if you’d like to help me with my review list, you can go check out my list, and email me which game you would be interested in seeing a review for. The game’s that take priority for me, are the games the readers want to read about, so the more people asking me to review a certain game, that game will become a higher priority.

Thanks for reading!

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Email: macsplicer@gmail.com


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