Korean Etokki Omni Black | Pros and Cons

Korean Etokki Omni Black | Pros and Cons
Date Published: 10 April, 2020

The Etokki Omni is the arcade stick I have been loyal to since early 2017, therefore, three years post purchase of this fight stick, it is time to go over the pros and cons of this fighting game peripheral, as well as who could benefit from it.

After nearly 4 years using the Qanba Q2 Pro – White, I had decided to make the switch over to a Korean style arcade stick—the Etokki Omni. The reason for the change in peripheral was due to the anticipated release of Tekken 7, and the inability to execute at optimal efficiency with a Japanese style level.

Korean Etokki Omni Black Pros and Cons WP 01
The Qanba Q2 Pro Arcade Stick – White Edition.

A Japanese arcade stick usually consists of a lever featuring a ball-top, this design is popular among fighting game players who specialize in 2-D traditional fighting games, as well as anime fighting games.

The ball-top lever, while being the standard lever for many years in the fighting game community (FGC) due to its rich history, such as being featured in arcade cabinets of games such as Street Fighter II, is not always the most suitable lever for every fighting game.

Taking in the design of a standard ball-top lever, it is very flexible, both with its ability to accommodate multiple different grips, as well as its less restrictive nature in performing motions such as complete full-circles, half-circles, “Z-motions”, etc.

Korean Etokki Omni Black Pros and Cons WP 03
Many of the original arcade cabinet for classic fighting games featured a Japanese style layout, with a ball-top lever.

However, with its relaxed design, often can come inaccuracies with regards to execution, and while those mistakes can be corrected with practice and training, they are often more so detrimental to the player when they occur in a game featuring a three dimensional plain.

Precision is extremely important when faced with a 3-D environment in a fighting game, the use of maneuvering between the foreground and background is often one of the most impressive skills a player can demonstrate, be it side-stepping in a game like Tekken or showcasing stage awareness in a game like Soulcalibur.

To that end, while relying on the relaxed nature of a Japanese style arcade stick, which often will register the closest result to the input originally intended, may be somewhat harmless in fighting games featuring fireball, and uppercut motions such as Street Fighter, it is more difficult to live with in a game which requires precision.

Korean Etokki Omni Black Pros and Cons WP 04
The Taeyoung Fanta Bat-Top Lever.

The Pros

The Korean edition of the Etokki Omni, implements a bat-top design, (Taeyoung Fanta) with a restrictive gate, practically forcing the user to become deliberate with their motions. It is something I had to get used to, as I would no longer get bailed out by the relaxed nature of the circular gate my old Japanese arcade stick featured.

Though, despite growing pains, the enforced commitment to a particular motion required in the Etokki Omni has paid dividends in the long run, as I have raised my accuracy dramatically, particularly while playing 3-D fighting games.

One of the aspects of the arcade stick I have really enjoyed was its sturdiness, as it is not prone to slipping or sliding, be it on a lap, or a rest of any kind. Its heaviness, subsequent of its metallic build, anchors it down to almost any surface.

In addition to its sturdiness, the arcade stick’s durability is remarkable, especially considering it is approaching year 4 of regular use, with very little signs of wear, and little need for component maintenance.

Korean Etokki Omni Black Pros and Cons WP 05
The original cord (USB A to B) packaged with the Etokki Omni is susceptible to wearing after some time, exposing wires, risking disconnection.

The Cons

The few personal gripes I have with the Etokki Omni, have to do with its accessibility, as access to the inside of the stick is a bit of a cumbersome process. In order to make modifications both to the surface plexiglass, as well as to the inner hardware, the removal of multiple different size screws is required.

Furthermore, the original cord (USB A to B) has shown a tendency to rub itself against the metal casing of the arcade stick, leading to excessive wear, and eventual exposure of wires, resulting in loss of connectivity.

The Modifications

Despite the fact that I would highly recommend the arcade stick with its standard build and hardware, I have made some modifications to the Etokki Omni, some cosmetic, and some essential.

Korean Etokki Omni Black Pros and Cons WP 09
Carbon Black GamerFinger Arcade Buttons.

GamerFinger Arcade Buttons – The arcade buttons made by GamerFinger are much softer to the touch, and are quite quieter than the standard buttons featured in the arcade stick. They also possess a dark matte finish, which is a visual preference.

Korean Etokki Omni Black Pros and Cons WP 07
Golden Sanwa Arcade Buttons.

Golden Sanwa Arcade Buttons – The golden Sanwa buttons are purely a cosmetic choice added to the arcade stick, just to feature another color outside of black.

Korean Etokki Omni Black Pros and Cons WP 08
Braided USB A to B cord for better durability.

Braided USB A to B Cord – As previously mentioned, the original cord supplied with the Etokki Omni is susceptible to fraying, therefore, a heavy braided cord of the same likeness was used as both a replacement and upgrade.

2 thoughts on “Korean Etokki Omni Black | Pros and Cons

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  1. Thinking of also getting an Etokki arcade stick (when they are PS5 ready that is).
    As for the buttons: are those 30mm or 24mm?
    No custom art on your board? 😀
    Speaking of custom art, know anyone who can custom art buttons as well?


    1. I’m not a big custom art guy so no lol, but you can check out the Focus Attack store for custom stick options. Also those are 30mm buttons for the main 8-layout, as well as 24mm for the 4 menu option buttons.


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