The MacSplicer Podcast #66 – DBFZ World Tour Finals Recap and Fighting Game G.O.A.T

By far the longest solo podcast I recorded, mostly because of rambling about fighting game stuff and ranting. 

Topics on this week’s show include:

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Final Recap
  • Fighting game G.O.A.T
  • Content piracy in the FGC
  • Listener topics

The MacSplicer Podcast #16 – Tekken World Tour Announcement

I’m back solo this week and despite having a lot of other things I should be doing, I decided to record a short podcast. It makes sense if you don’t think about it.

Topics on this week’s show include:

  • Tekken World Tour
  • Me! Me! Me! song
  • Some other ramblings

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