What Happened to Character Loyalty?

What Happened to Character Loyalty?
Date Published: 5 October, 2018

The term “Main Character” refers to a fighting game character associated most often with a specific fighting game player. The main character is also thought of as the player’s best character, at least on paper.

Throughout the short, but rich history of the FGC, certain players have become almost synonymous with certain fighting game characters and be it tournament or casual setting, that tradition affected a major part of the FGC, which almost set a precedent for how matches were played. However, like anything that sees tenure, change is inevitable, and FGC traditions are not immune from it. Continue reading “What Happened to Character Loyalty?”


Why I Love Street Fighters’ Adon

Why I Love Street Fighters’ Adon
Date Published: 
September 24, 2017

Despite his brash and outspoken nature, Adon has been a character widely overlooked when it comes to his recognition in the Street Fighter universe. Frankly, Adon is not even the most popular Muay Thai fighter in the series—a title held by Sagat.

However, what separates Adon from the pack is his unwavering personality combined with a certain chip on his shoulder, as he is self-aware of his weaknesses yet, still carries on with an exuberant amount of confidence in himself. Continue reading “Why I Love Street Fighters’ Adon”

The Fighting Game Divide

The Fighting Game Divide
Date Published: September 18, 2017

Despite not having a long history to note from, the Fighting Game Community (FGC) has been a part of many interesting storylines. The latest, is how the negative reception of a singular game, sparked a positive reception to multiple games.

The use of the word community is often meant as a general term for a group of people who share some common interest in an idea, however, it is rarely the case when all of a community’s principles are in fact an accurate reflection on all of its members, which is the situation the FGC has dealt with practically since its inception. Continue reading “The Fighting Game Divide”

Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

Initial NA Release Date: (SFIV) February 17, 2009, (SSFIV) April 27, 2010, (SSFIV:AE) June 28, 2011, (SSFIV:AE 2012) December 13, 2011, (USFIV) June 3, 2014
Review Date: October 18, 2016
Reviewed on: Xbox 360, PC
Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC

Street Fighter may not have been the first fighting game franchise, but there is no doubt that the series is the torchbearer when it comes to fighting games. A few new mechanics coupled with the traditional core feel of Street Fighter, the latest iteration of Street Fighter IV; Ultra Street Fighter IV (USFIV) is a fine addition that contributes to the franchise’s prowess and tradition.

With a plethora of characters to choose from, the style of play is really up to the player depending on how the character is used, going wild with El Fuerte, jumping off walls is an option or if searching for a more traditional fighter who sports a fireball and an uppercut, an array of shotos are available to pick from. Flexibility is a must have trait when playing USFIV as there are many styles to play with and adapt against. Continue reading “Ultra Street Fighter IV Review”

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