Why I Left MMORPGs for Fighting Games

Why I Left MMORPGs for Fighting Games
Date Published: 16 December, 2018

As the video game landscape expanded throughout the years, the ability to keep up with the trends became harder and harder as there were simply too many games to play, and just not enough time to get to them all.

Therefore, as a video game player, my preferences shifted from participating in the endless new game release race, to focusing on a specific genre in gaming. A journey that began with the fighting game genre, tailed off to the MMO space, only to return home to fighting games once again. Continue reading “Why I Left MMORPGs for Fighting Games”

What Happened to MapleStory?

What Happened to MapleStory?
Date Published: March 20, 2017

MapleStory was a game I was absolutely obsessed with for several years as it became a prominent title in the MMORPG realm, it had everything I ever wanted from a game, great music, fun gameplay, an interesting world, the ability to play it with others, and the best part, no game over screen.

It was a great time to be a part of the MapleStory community, however, as it goes with everything else, my time with the game came to an end eventually, and I never had time to reflect on what made the game so special until trying to play it again, and sadly I found that my interpretation of MapleStory is no longer. Continue reading “What Happened to MapleStory?”

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