Hollywood Has Arrived! | FGC Hollywood: A Fighting Game Podcast, Episode 1

The brand new fighting game podcast—FGC Hollywood: A Fighting Game Podcast comes to you following the discontinuation of The MacSplicer Podcast after 100 episodes.

FGC Hollywood is a change in format to what listeners of TMP are used to but I believe it will be an improvement, and will encompass more than just the interview or rant style we have come so used to with prior podcasts.

Joining the show as a permanent co-host is non-other than PringleTheOne, whom also made an appearance on The MacSplicer Podcast 97. Mac and Pringle talk about much of the happenings in the FGC, including the meltdown of Lab Zero Games, the future of Skullgirls, Dragon Ball FighterZ anti-rage quit implementations, and much more!

The MacSplicer Podcast #24 – Counterstriking in Fighting Games

A podcast I recorded last week and forgot to post on here, a bit of an audio/video combination this time, I talk about Tekken related topics, as well as what I think about counterstriking in fighting games with some examples in Tekken 7.

Topics on this week’s show include:

  • Tekken stuff
  • Counterstriking in fighting games
  • Tekken 7 video examples
  • MapleStory

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