Akatsuki vs Yuzuriha | Fighting Game Match-Ups

Akatsuki vs Yuzuriha | Fighting Game Match-Ups
Date Published: 22 March, 2020

The Under Night In-Birth match-up between the wandering super soldier; Akatsuki and the self-appointed vigilante; Yuzuriha is one of the most intriguing match-ups in fighting games, as it’s both even on paper, but far from even in action.

Scary Match-Ups in Fightings Games - Akatsuki vs Yuzuriha WP 01
Yuzuriha slashing down Akatsuki with her long sword.

In the traditional sense of the term, an even match-up, or a 5-5 match-up, means that at an equal skill level, two characters would account for five wins each, if they clash ten total times against one another. 

In theory, the match-ups should be competitive with equal distribution of back and forth, each character having viable options to deal with the other’s gameplan, and usually the winner of the even match-up is the one who is able to execute a little sharper at certain points in the match.

Focus is a tremendous weapon in even match-ups as usually there are no real glaring holes, or specific things one character can exploit over the other. While there may be certain advantageous or disadvantageous areas each character holds of the other in the match-up, those specific instances are not reliable enough to build a gameplan around.

Scary Match-Ups in Fightings Games - Akatsuki vs Yuzuriha WP 02
Yuzuriha zoning Akatsuki with her long ranged sword attacks.

However, the interesting dichotomy in the match-up of Akatsuki vs Yuzuriha, is that despite being regarded as an even match-up, it is also technically a bad match-up, as each characters’ biggest strength, is the other’s biggest weakness.

From Yuzuriha’s point of view, she can really bully Akatasuki if she executes her gameplan well. Akatsuki’s lacking ability of closing the gap, along with the inefficiency of his fireballs in this specific match up, makes it quite easy for Yuzuriha to just stay away, and slash her way to victory. 

Akatsuki is often forced to make the first move, consequently taking risks in approaching, and chancing getting caught in the process, only to start from scratch once again.

Scary Match-Ups in Fightings Games - Akatsuki vs Yuzuriha WP 03
Yuzuriha teleports away from Akatsuki.

If all the gears are in motion in Yuzuriha’s gameplan, it is an extremely frustrating time for Akatsuki, as he is only left with hoping a mistake is made by Yuzuriha as she forces him to fight through her long ranged slashing onslaught, and constantly teleports away from him, be it horizontally or vertically.

However, the critical aspect of Yuzuriha’s strategy is focus and correct execution. If an instance happens that Yuzuriha puts herself in harm’s way, it is the exact instance Akatsuki looks to capitalize on and take the match-up over.

In a similar fashion to the difficulty Akatsuki has in closing the gap, and getting inside of Yuzuriha’s range, the same applies to Yuzuriha when it comes to getting out of Akatsuki’s range once she’s subjected to being in it.

Scary Match-Ups in Fightings Games - Akatsuki vs Yuzuriha WP 04
Akatsuki pushing Yuzuriha into the corner.

Akatsuki is known as a pressure juggernaut, he has excellent “in the pocket” tools, such as a step kick, quick normals, a devastating throw mix-up, if he’s up close, he can be a nightmare for anyone.

Unequipped with a threatening reversal option, Yuzuriha has to defend against Akatsuki as best she can, and when Akatsuki has the green light to push forward, he is a meaty set-up, counter-hit machine.

Yuzu’s only option of getting out is taking a major risk, she has to use meter, perhaps try to parry or take a chance on a timely shield block or jump, however,  all of these options are not great, and many of them are pretty inefficient that will only lead to Akatsuki gaining the upper hand.

Scary Match-Ups in Fightings Games - Akatsuki vs Yuzuriha WP 05
Akatsuki using his air throw against Yuzuriha.

Lastly, while the Akatsuki vs. Yuzuriha is an even match up, it is the nature in which momentum carries both of these characters that makes it a difficult fight for both parties. 

The wins and losses are often a landslide, but it is the character that sticks to their gameplan, and capitalizes on mistakes, that will have the best chance of carrying momentum to victory.

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