Why I Love Persona 4 Arena’s Elizabeth

Why I Love Persona 4 Arena’s Elizabeth
Date Published: 25 December, 2019

Soft spoken, calm, yet, always finds the humor in either the most benign or tense situations. The lethal elevator attendant—Elizabeth, is arguably one of the most likable characters in the Persona universe.

In a complex nature of being both so inquisitive of the things transpiring around her, yet still maintaining an air of mystery with regards to her own personal narrative, the always captivating Elizabeth is anything but ordinary.

Why I Love Persona 4 Arena's Elizabeth WP 01
Elizabeth introducing herself to Teddie in Persona 4 Arena.

Despite being one of the legacy figures in the Persona universe, outside of her ties to the Velvet Room, and to her sister Margaret, Elizabeth’s past is somewhat unclear, with very little known details. However, in a fitting fashion to her mysterious personality, what we know of Elizabeth is only what she allows to.

Carrying a lighthearted attitude, an elegant smile, and almost childlike curiosity and humor, Elizabeth has also showcased an ability to be quite profound and dependable to all those she encounters. The unique aspect of her personality is that despite her quirkiness, the underlying tone of Elizabeth’s intimidating strength is quite present.

Why I Love Persona 4 Arena's Elizabeth WP 02
Elizabeth using her compendium vs Kanji Tatsumi.

Outside of seeking answers, she has never been one to go out of her way in looking for a fight, however, Elizabeth is more than capable of standing her own ground. Wielding the Persona Compendium as her main weapon, along with one of the most fearsome Personas known in existence—Thanatos, one formerly owned by her dear Velvet Room guest—Makoto Yuki.

The ability to control the compendium as well as she does, allows Elizabeth to utilize literally every trick in the book. The use of all primary elements, as well as status ailments, lends her to attack, and strategically execute traps perhaps with more flexibility than any of her opponents.

Though, despite carrying such a unique skill set, Elizabeth’s defense is where her weakness truly lies, as she tends to struggle against high volume attacks and pressure, as well as sporting one of the lowest health gauges compared to her contemporaries.

Why I Love Persona 4 Arena's Elizabeth WP 03
Elizabeth trapping Yukari Takeba in her Mahamaon.

However, with the balancing act of extremely effective zoning tools, carefully laid out traps, and underrated mobility, Elizabeth is no stranger to shutting the lights out, sometimes even in a blink of an eye.

As she continues on her independent journey of perhaps one day saving her longtime Velvet Room guest, Elizabeth brings her charismatic nature to every pit stop she decides to visit, and even though she is unknown by many, Elizabeth has a knack of charming, almost all those she encounters, something that has been quite consistent when it comes to the quirky, yet delightful woman in blue.

MacSplicer Stats – Elizabeth

Favorite Elizabeth move – Debilitate
Favorite Elizabeth player – Damosu
Favorite game w/Elizabeth Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
Favorite match-up w/Elizabeth – vs Margaret


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