Why I Love Tekken’s Bryan Fury

Why I Love Tekken’s Bryan Fury
Date Published: 17 July, 2019

Be it is sentimental purposes, personal goals, or even world domination, none of those reasons apply when it comes to why he participates in The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

If there is a character that is truly indiscriminate when it comes to picking a fight, it has to be Tekken’s Bryan Fury. The wondering cyborg has never had a real cause to create havoc, however, he has always finds a way to do so, and do so with a smile when it’s all over.

Why I Love Tekken's Bryan Fury WP 01
Bryan Fury after walking away from an explosion he caused.

Notorious for a sadistic thirst for destruction, an evil smile, and his infamous maniacal laugh, Bryan Fury is a character in the Tekken franchise that is truly like no other. As a reanimated cyborg with little known motivation, Bryan is a mercenary following his own orders.

Although initially being known as a cop prior to his death and reanimation in his current hybrid mechanical body, the senses of justice and injustice do not exist for the lost cyborg, as he has demonstrated throughout the years to strike down anyone regardless of affiliation.

Why I Love Tekken's Bryan Fury WP 02
Bryan hitting Hwoarang with his high kick in Tekken 4.

Despite saying less and less since his debut to the series, Bryan Fury has only become more menacing with regards to his persona. In a fitting fashion, Bryan’s playstyle most definitely exemplifies the definition of the word fury.

With the use of less traditional-styled kickboxing and Muay Thai, Bryan manages to showcase his own violent flare with extremely impactful punches, kicks, and elbows. The distinct feature of Bryan’s offense is the weight felt with each furious blow, everything from striking sound to the visual effect, Bryan’s ruthless intention is immediately made known.

Why I Love Tekken's Bryan Fury WP 03
Bryan hitting Negan with his devastating side kick in Tekken 7.

However, ironically enough, the space Bryan excels at the most, can also be the space where he can struggle the most. Considering his tools compliment a suffocating and relentless playstyle, defensively, Bryan does not have too many answers to those that can keep up the same pace he sets.

Though, in the same manner, Bryan’s powerful offense is able to overshadow many of his defensive flaws, which often lends to the garnering of respect from his opponent, in fear of getting caught by one of his many devastating techniques.

Depending on the lens in which he is perceived with, Bryan Fury could very well be seen as a villain, however, perhaps a more fitting role is one of chaotic-neutral alignment. His lust for fighting is not fueled by anything but his personal enjoyment, and considering the circumstances of combat, it is safe to say that Bryan Fury wouldn’t want it any other way.

MacSplicer Stats – Bryan Fury

Favorite Bryan move – Jet Uppercut
Favorite Bryan player – Mr. Naps (Jimmy J Tran)
Favorite game w/Bryan Tekken 7
Favorite match-up w/Bryan – vs Alisa Bosconovich



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