Why I Love The King of Fighters’ Vice

Why I Love The King of Fighters’ Vice
Date Published: 19 July, 2019

There are certain personalities in the fighting game universe that leave no doubt in mind with regard to what they’re all about, and The King of Fighters‘ Vice is a part of that select group.

The cruel woman has absolutely earned her nickname as Vice is the embodiment of violence, she speaks of destruction and acts on instinct. She is “chaos awaiting”.

Why I Love The King of Fighters' Vice WP 01
Vice and Mature meeting with Iori.

While perhaps not being the most recognizable character in the series, Vice’s destructive nature dates back to some of the earliest days in The King of Fighters franchise. While the state of her past and current present is a bit difficult to follow at times, her personality is never changing and always captivating.

Despite nearly always suited up in business-like attire, and sporting her signature short red hair, Vice still emits femininity with the ease of her strong, yet poised movement. Although her patience should not be tested, Vice’s chaotic makeup still leaves room for playfulness.

Why I Love The King of Fighters' Vice WP 02
Vice vs Mature in The King of Fighters XIII.

Similar to her nature, Vice’s fighting style is pure violence. She thrives in close quarters, where she is able to rag doll around her opponent, brutally charge at them, and pressure them until they break.

Although she is not much of a factor from range, Vice is always a threat to grab a hold of her opponent if not careful. With a bevy of tools on the inside as well as demoralizing her rivals with a constant barrage of attacks and insults, the cruel woman is practically made for fighting.

Why I Love The King of Fighters' Vice WP 03
Vice vs Najd in The King of Fighters XIV.

In hindsight, rooting for a villainous maiden such as Vice is traditionally not something seen too often. However, despite being derived from evil intentions, Vice’s chaotic nature is an honest nature.

She does not sugarcoat her intentions both with her malicious speech and her destructive fighting ability. While her personal goals may not be one of a typical protagonist’s, her captivating will and charm definitely fits the bill, Vice simply embraces who she is and what stands for, and be it hero or villain, she is respected for her individuality.

MacSplicer Stats – Vice

Favorite Vice move – Gore Fest
Favorite Vice player – SooA
Favorite game w/Vice – KOF XIII
Favorite match-up w/Vice – vs Shen Woo

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