Why I Love Persona 4 Arena’s Labrys

Why I Love Persona 4 Arena’s Labrys
Date Published: 17 September, 2018

Despite not technically being a legacy character in the Persona universe, Labrys’ debut to the series is quite the memorable one. On the surface, Labrys is perhaps looked at as “Just another android in a school uniform”. However, as the main focus of the original Persona 4 Arena, Labrys proved she is no ordinary robot-girl.

Although she makes it clear she abides by many rules that include decency, respect, and of-course, righteousness. Two things are for certain when it comes to Labrys, she does not tolerate anyone who hurts her friends, and her strong character stacks up to just about anyone’s.

Why I Love Persona 4 Arena's Labrys WP 03
Labrys charging Yu Narukami with her Weaver’s Art: Beast.

Describing Labrys’ personality is quite the task, as she has shown to be strong and confident with her demeanor, quirky with her behavior, odd yet endearing with her accent, and last but certainly not least, caring.

However, the reason Labrys’ personality shines despite not being human, is due to her documented “evolution” of perhaps becoming one. Labrys’ past is sad and grueling. One so tragic that the transformation of a once cold killing machine to one that is capable of expressing emotions forced itself to occur.

Though even with all of her human-like attributes, it is Labrys’ perseverance that truly showcases what her character is made of. She may have needed a bit of a push at the beginning, however, Labrys’ ability to keep on fighting despite constant adversity is an example followed by even some of her human friends.

Why I Love Persona 4 Arena's Labrys WP 01
Labrys attempting to get away from the science lab.

As it could be imagined considering her fiery personality, Labrys’ playstyle is aggressive and offensive, though similar to the top of her axe, Labrys’ playstyle is double edged. Operating on momentum, Labrys grows stronger and turns extremely dangerous the more she pressures.

Yet, considering her lack of speed and somewhat average mobility, if momentum is not in her favor, that is where Labrys’ weakness shows, as she is forced to defend without many ways out that don’t involve severe risk.

Though despite defense being her liability, Labrys certainly makes up for it with offense. As she is perhaps the hardest hitting character in the P4A series when the conditions are right, and she is no stranger to laying a few traps for her opponents to fall into.

Why I Love Persona 4 Arena's Labrys WP 02
Labrys charging her Brutal Impact against Adachi.

She will never be as popular as some of the other legacy fighters in the series, and she is certainly not nearly as recognizable compared to her sister—Aigis. Though, however unheralded, Labrys as a character just feels to be different than your typical mold of a robot-girl.

Perhaps it is her traumatizing past, or her documented journey of blossoming into the character she has turned into, but one thing is unmistakable. Labrys carries that ‘it’ factor, and though it is different than that of a leader’s, it is a special feeling that leads you to believe that this mechanical maiden is no ordinary piece of metal.

MacSplicer Stats – Labrys

Favorite Labrys move – Weaver’s Art: Sword
Favorite Labrys player – Purepure
Favorite game w/LabrysPersona 4 Arena
Favorite match-up w/Labrys – vs Aigis

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