Why I Love Guilty Gear’s I-No

Why I Love Guilty Gear’s I-No
Date Published: 22 July, 2017

She might not be the face of the franchise, nor is she necessarily the one that leads the way for the female fighters in the game, however, Guilty Gear’s I-No in my eyes is the embodiment of everything that the Guilty Gear franchise stands for.

With somewhat of a complicated past, and even more of a convoluted backstory, relating to I-No is not something most players find easy, though that has never been a problem for the witch-hat wearing rock star.

Why I Love Guilty Gear's I-No WP 01
I-No’s pre-battle introduction in Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2.

Rather than pulling on your heartstrings, I-No is the type to pull strings out of your heart, most likely the ones that belong in her electric guitar. Needless to say, I-No is certainly not your typical role-model type.

She’s vulgar, sadistic, mean-spirited at times, and fully embraces her sinister ways. I-No is technically quite villainous in nature, however, the quality that makes I-No so alluring is her incredible charm.

It’s almost undeniable that whether be it the way speaks, the way she moves, her fighting style, or anything else I-No does, she attracts attention and absolutely owns the moment. She has the unique ability of captivating her audience both in her more serious and somber moments, as well as bewitch with her others with a playful side, however, her overall charm alone is one that lets her take center stage at any given moment.

Why I Love Guilty Gear's I-No WP 02
I-No hitting Slayer with her microphone stand.

Toting an occasional mic-stand, an electric guitar named Marlene, a cursed witch hat, and a couple of other tricks up her sleeve, as it pertains to her fighting style, I-No is nearly the complete package, and one that simply screams “This is Guilty Gear.”

She is fast, powerful, illusive, technical, unpredictable, and the list goes on. She is nimble on the ground and extremely effective in the air. While defensively she is a bit of a liability, considering her excellence in almost every other area, there simply isn’t a match-up that I-No can’t confidently take on.

Why I Love Guilty Gear's I-No WP 03
I-No vs Millia Rage in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core.

Similar to the high octane fighting pace she puts on her opponents, I-No’s natural charm and lively personality rarely ceases to show itself, making it pretty tough not to root for her, despite her villainous ways.

Whether it’s in battle or not, I-No is undoubtedly where the show begins as well as where it ends, and considering her characteristics along with her ability to back up her sly nature, not paying attention to the musician in red is a nearly a crime within itself.

MacSplicer Stats – I-No

 Favorite I-No move – Chemical Love
Favorite I-No player – Daru
Favorite game w/I-NoGuilty Gear XX Accent Core
Favorite match-up w/I-No – vs Millia Rage




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