Why I Love Tekken’s Lili Rochefort


Why I Love Tekken’s Lili Rochefort
Date Published:
3 January, 2018

Despite still being a relatively new character to the historic fighting game franchise that is Tekken, the wealthy Monegasque Emilie De Rochefort, better known as Lili, has certainly made a mark on the series since her initial introduction.

Coming across at times as the stereotypical act of a rich snob, Lili’s ways are often more so predicated on grace and poise, exemplified in both her personality and her fighting style. That contradicting mixture has perhaps labeled Lili as the most polarizing character in the series.

Why I Love Tekken's Lili WP 01
Lili “firing” Asuka Kazama as gang mediator.

When it comes to her popularity, there is rarely a middle ground in opinion, Lili is a character that is either absolutely adored, or unquestionably hated. Her polarizing status is due to her unapologetic personality combined with her unorthodox fighting style.

Lili’s elegance is brought out in everything she does, from her demeaning yet playful and sophisticated taunting of her opponents, to her graceful combative movements. However, perhaps the most exemplary aspect of Lili is her unwavering confidence in herself.

Why I Love Tekken's Lili WP 03
Lili using her patent Root of Evil against Eliza.

Considering her unorthodox style which employs self-taught street fighting skills combined with gymnastics and even ballet, Lili’s has many options at her disposal, though possibly her best attribute is her fluid movement, a trait that often makes her a difficult target to hit.

Lili’s versatility due her tall frame and expansive move list make her a tough out for anyone, as she can be a force to be reckoned within almost every range, angle, and scramble situation. The combination of her traditional street fighting tools and her explosive gymnastic-themed assaults have certainly garnered others respect.

The only glaring weakness in Lili’s offensive gameplan is the linearity in which she fights with. However, as a balancing act, her ability to be slippery, and get out of the way of attacks, is among the best in the game.

Why I Love Tekken's Lili WP 02
Lili and Asuka trading attacks.

In many ways, Lili’s fighting style is based off the same template as her personality. It’s high risk, yet high reward, she is fine with dealing with the consequence of taking a big hit, if it means landing a big hit, and the same goes for being accepted and loved, or being denied and hated for her mannerism.

Regardless of her polarizing status, Lili carries that certain characteristic that simply just attracts attention. The almost arrogant confidence she displays along with her ability to put a hurt-on her opponents, yet still be able extremely evasive is a spectacle within itself, and no matter the outcome of the fight, Lili is never one to change her ways.

MacSplicer Stats – Lili

Favorite Lili move – Matterhorn Ascension
Favorite Lili player – Foward
Favorite game w/LiliTekken 7
Favorite match-up w/Lili – vs Josie Rizal

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