Why I Love The King of Fighters’ King

Why I Love The King of Fighters’ King
Date Published: 
29 November, 2017

As perhaps the best example of how a female fighting game character is able to retain her feminine charm, yet still be known as an absolute badass, King is one classy gal who is unafraid to scrap.

King is the type of character that is cool without even trying. Her gracefulness shows both in her personality and fighting ability, as she beats her opponents with a bevy of hard hitting Muay Thai techniques, all while politely inviting them to try again upon their defeat.

Why I Love The King of Fighters' King WP 01
King not amused with drunk Hwa Jai and Chin Gentsai.

As one of the most recognizable characters in The King of Fighters series, King has always been looked at as class personified. A distinguishing feature of King is her elegant appearance as she wears shorter hair, and suits up in non-exposing attire compared to many other female fighting game characters who are often scantily clad.

However, her elegant nature does not stop with her appearance, as she is also documented as being quite polite and charming to her allies, all while still engaging her opponents with poise, and even with a little bit of spunk.

Why I Love The King of Fighters' King WP 02
King using her Tornado Kick to push Shen Woo to the corner.

Stylistically, King’s Muay Thai is a bit different from the traditional approach, as she emphasizes her attacks with rangy kicks and is less reliant on knees or elbows. However, what has made King so formidable throughout the years is her command of long range.

Combining her nimbleness on the ground to go along with her long reaching Tornado Kick, as well her notorious projectile—Venom Strike, King is a force to be reckoned out in open space. One of the most preferred playstyles with King is defensive zoning, which sets up her close-range moves, a game plan formulated to capitalize on mistakes.

While King can also change up the pace, as her close quarters Muay Thai is nothing to scoff at considering her quick hands and her reliable Trap Shot. However, if executed correctly, her keep-away game is one of the best there is, making it an extremely effective style, and one that is not easily countered.

Why I Love The King of Fighters' King WP 03
King trading projectile attacks with Geese Howard.

It perhaps goes without saying, but a major factor in King’s popularity among fans of the KOF series, as well as fighting games in general, is her ability to go against the grain with regards to the stereotypical female fighting game character.

King’s charming nature, confident personality, and ability to put hurt on anyone are all qualities the French bartender has displayed throughout the years. Her name may be King, but in the eyes of many, she is the Queen that leads the way for what female fighting game characters should strive to be.

MacSplicer Stats – King

Favorite King move – Surprise Rose
Favorite King player – Mad KOF
Favorite game w/King – KOF XIII
Favorite match-up w/King – vs Joe Higashi


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