Why I Love Street Fighters’ Adon

Why I Love Street Fighters’ Adon
Date Published: 
September 24, 2017

Despite his brash and outspoken nature, Adon has been a character widely overlooked when it comes to his recognition in the Street Fighter universe. Frankly, Adon is not even the most popular Muay Thai fighter in the series—a title held by Sagat.

However, what separates Adon from the pack is his unwavering personality combined with a certain chip on his shoulder, as he is self-aware of his weaknesses yet, still carries on with an exuberant amount of confidence in himself.

Why I Love Street Fighter's Adon WP 01
Adon rushing in on Dhalsim.

Unlike many others in the Street Fighter series, Adon’s intentions are neither good or evil. It’s his competitiveness that drives him. He’s no stranger to the losing side of things, however he’s always gotten back up, and shrugged it off as yet another rivalry he plans on winning.

While Adon’s confidence is showcased in his personality and overall demeanor, it perhaps shines its brightest through his fighting style. As somewhat of a hybrid Muay Thai fighter, Adon excels both on the ground as well as in the air.

Why I Love Street Fighter's Adon WP 02
Adon using his Jaguar Tooth vs Rose.

Being a Muay Thai master, Adon carries all of the traditional movements and techniques needed to keep others at bay on the ground, however, it is his Jaguar themed aerial strikes which often garner his opponents’ attention.

Although his varied arsenal is not equipped with a projectile, Adon’s air mobility and ground control allow him to fare quite well against anybody he sets his eyes upon. That same fighting prowess to along with his supreme determination, Adon’s game plan never changes.

Why I Love Street Fighter's Adon WP 03
Adon’s confident stance before taking on Rose.

Even though he has been overshadowed throughout the years, Adon has always stayed resilient and has displayed his own uniqueness with regards to never showing hesitation when it comes to walking to the beat of his own drum.

MacSplicer Stats – Adon

Favorite Adon move – Rising Jaguar
Favorite Adon player – Gamerbee
Favorite game w/Adon – USFIV
Favorite match-up w/Adon – vs Sagat


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