Why I Love Persona 4 Arena’s Yu Narukami

Why I Love Persona 4 Arena’s Yu Narukami
Date Published: September 4, 2017

There isn’t anything fancy about him, relatively speaking, everything about Yu Narukami points to him being a fairly generic character. He’s not a physical specimen, nor a speed demon, nor does he hold an unorthodox fighting style.

Frankly, he’s not much for even opening up his personality if not bothered to. However, what makes Narukami such an icon within the Persona universe, as well as fighting games, is his calm and collected demeanor, combined with a traditional yet effective katana based fighting style.

Why I Love Persona 4 Arena's Yu Narukami WP 01
Yu Narukami with his patented nonchalant stare.

When it comes to the main characters in fighting games, Narukami fits the bill. He’s generic enough in his approach from a strategic senses, however, still very effective in getting the job done. If placed on a tier list, while he may not be at the very top, he’s definitely lurking in that area.

However, when it comes to being the main character in a fighting game with regards to personality, backstory, etc., Narukami doesn’t hold much depth compared to the likes of Street Fighter’s Ryu or Tekken’s Kazuya. But, that’s to be expected considering his RPG origin.

Nonetheless, even without a long history to note from like Ryu, Kazuya and other main fighting game characters, Narukami has one thing on lock—hes the man. While at face value he may not seem like much, when the moment calls to step up to the plate, Narukami’s the guy to answer that call.

Why I Love Persona 4 Arena's Yu Narukami WP 02
Yu Narukami vs Margaret in P4U2.

The thing that separates Narukami from the rest of his peers in the Persona 4 Arena series, is his absolute composure, both from an attitude, and a fighting style standpoint. Narukami is the type of character that just always seems to be in control. He has such a confident air about him, yet without being too overzealous or brash.

Narukami’s calmness also translates to his gameplay. Due to having this connotation of being extremely effective, yet in a balanced way, the more common approach with Narukami, and the one that seems to lend the best results is an opportunistic offense,  played off solid, patient defense.

Why I Love Persona 4 Arena's Yu Narukami WP 03
Yu Narukami vs Akihiko Sanada in P4A.

While it’s not the only way Narukami can be played, the tools he possesses compliment more of a poised mindset, rather than an erratic pace, or overly defensive style, which in hindsight, is simply a reflection of Narukami’s overall nature.

Everything from his seemingly indifferent, yet still invested personality, his straight-forward yet intimidating fighting prowess, as well as a plethora of cool attributes, like his persona, Izanagi, and move names like Raging Lion and Heroic Bravery, it is undeniable that Yu Narukami possess that “It” factor that designates him as a shoe-in for fighting game main character status.

MacSplicer Stats – Yu Narukami

Favorite Narukami move – Jump 2b
Favorite Narukami player – Shikki
Favorite game w/NarukamiPersona 4 Arena Ultimax
Favorite match-up w/Narukami – vs Sho Minazuki (Persona)

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