Music Zone – Ratatat

Music Zone – Ratatat
Published On: February 13, 2017

The majority of the time, the reason we listen to certain music is because we just like the way it sounds, without a real deep reasoning behind why we like it, and that holds true for many of my favorite bands and musicians.

However, there are a few musical artists that I attach a certain emotion or feeling to, whenever I think of their music. Ratatat is one of those artists, and that feeling I get when listening to their music is tranquility.

I personally always found it difficult for me to write anything in complete silence, as ironic as it may sound, something about the quietness around me distracts me from focusing on my writing. Therefore, I always resorted to some sort of background noise.

I tried podcasts at first, but I found that either of two things will happen when I began listening to people talk in my ear. I either get distracted due to my interest in the topic at hand, or the conversation just blends all together with my thoughts, resulting in lack of focus on my writing. So sadly, podcasts were no longer an option.

The other option was music, however, similar to the issue with podcasts, lyrical songs, which I normally enjoy, can also be a form of distraction as listening to certain words sometimes would interfere with my thought process during writing.

Consequently, my next resort was finding instrumental songs, which would take care of the distraction factor, and that’s when I discovered the electronic-rock duo—Ratatat. It’s fair to say that I have a pretty large playlist of go to instrumental music for when I decide to write, however, more often than not, Ratatat is artist of choice.

Ratatat’s music, at least for myself and hopefully for many other fans of the duo, evokes the feeling of tranquility, calmness and somewhat of a serenity. Somehow, no matter if the song is of a slower or more upbeat pace, I am able to both enjoy the sounds in the background, yet still focus on my writing.

I’m not entirely sure of the reasoning behind it, but Ratatat’s music is the only background noise I can actually take inspiration from. Perhaps it is because there are no to very few words in the songs, that I somehow am able to think of words, as sort of a puzzle-piecing game. 

In closing, we may not all share the same sentiments, but for those looking for something that may evoke a sense of calmness, I highly recommend listening to some of Ratatat’s work, and I hold that suggestion especially for fellow writers perhaps in the need of some sort of an outside push out of a writer’s block, or artists in search of a muse.

My favorite Ratatat songs in no specific order:

“Loud Pipes”
“Seventeen Years”
“Wild Cat”
“Germany to Germany”
“Cream on Chrome”


Ratatat was playing during the creation of this list.


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