Fighter Spotlight – Erron Black

Fighter Spotlight – Erron Black

Spotlight Date: November 4, 2016
Spotlight Character: Erron Black
Character Series: Mortal Kombat
Character Game: Mortal Kombat X

The epitome of the word cool, Erron Black is regarded by many fans of not only Mortal Kombat, but the fighting game community as a whole, as one of the coolest characters to be introduced in recent fighting games.

A quiet demeanor to him, this gun-toting drifter is the type of guy that lets his actions speak louder than words, and his actions sure get the job done.

Erron Black (left) and Ermac (right) as shown in MKX‘s story mode.

Characteristics – Despite wielding all sorts of guns, Erron Black is much deadlier when he is up close. The use of his zoning shots is more of a conditioning tool that shows he’s capable of playing keep away even though it’s not his preferred style.

Caltrops, Sand Grenade, Money Shot, Erron Black can hurt you many different ways and from many different ranges and angles, the way he uses these moves to inspire fear in others is all part of his ultimate goal of making you guess wrong and pay the price with his heavy hitting rushdown.

On paper, Erron Black doesn’t seem too intimidating, as he’s outshined by characters whom have enormous damage or unpredictable mix-ups, however when it’s go time, his Outlaw and Gunslinger variations can well handle their own in most match-ups.

The only time the mysterious bandit runs into trouble is when he is outmatched in speed while sporting his Marksman variation, but even with that said, he has favorable match-ups against characters who lack mobility.

Erron Black Gunslinger variation.

Player Suitability – Whether it be the Outlaw, Gunslinger, or Marksman. Erron Black is a fairly straight forward character; he aims to shoot fear into his opponents with his rangy attacks and capitalize on their wrong guesses.

His neutral is less about poking and more about mind games. If spaced correctly, the use of his slide, overhead, or command grab can be used to condition the opponent to block or approach a certain way, and once conditioned it’s just about the correct punish.

When it comes to straight damage, all of Erron Black’s variations are pretty solid, they hurt, but aren’t the heaviest hitters in the game. The damage output is fair considering the mobility and zoning options that are at the sharpshooter’s disposal.

Erron Black Marksman variation.

Character Specialist –  Aside from the usual suspects, which consist of Scorpion, Subzero, and the rest of the classic characters of the Mortal Kombat series, Erron Black is one of the most used characters of the new fighters introduced to the series with Mortal Kombat X, but perhaps the largest contribution to the sharpshooters’ popularity is due to the success of SonicFox.

SonicFox is well known in the MKX community for many different characters, however he really made his name known early on by winning tournament after tournament with primarily the use of Erron Black.

There isn’t one particular thing that SonicFox does with the Erron Black that is attributed to his success with the character, as it’s mostly his playstyle that translates so well with what Erron Black excels at.

Sonic Fox’s use of correct range and spacing is a big key to success when he uses the Gunslinger or Outlaw, even without pressing any buttons, the ability to stand in a range where the opponent is timid of what might be coming, is an advantage that Erron Black users have to exploit in order to keep things unpredictable and capitalize.

Erron Black Outlaw variation.

Summary – Decent damage output, range, and just overall fun are just a few reasons to play Erron Black, however if that’s not enough, his cool, mysterious demeanor is and one liners make him all the more enticing to try out.

The sharpshooter’s flexible playstyle coupled with his different variations, lends him to be played many different ways, whether it’s rushdown, spacing, or zoning, Erron Black can hold his own against pretty much anybody he’s pinned up against.


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