Fighter Spotlight – Adon

Fighter Spotlight – Adon

Spotlight Date: October 28, 2016
Spotlight Character: Adon
Character Series: Street Fighter
Character Game: Ultra Street Fighter IV

Adon is a character overlooked by many players when they reach the character selection screen. His lack of popularity has more to do with the amount of the great traditional characters that are available in the Street Fighter series, rather than anything of his own doing.

Muy Thai and air mobility are Adon’s strong suits and his unwavering self-confidence and all around swagger are the traits that make him all that much more appealing.


Adon in the character select screen.

Characteristics – Adon is primarily a Muy Thai fighter, he makes use of his hard-hitting leg kicks and long ranged punches for space controlling tools, lending him quite a threat in the “footsie” game. While he excels in the ground game, Adon shines brightest when he uses his air mobility with his patent Jaguar moves.

Air Jaguar Kick, Jaguar Tooth, and perhaps the most important of them all, Rising Jaguar, are crucial moves that need to be mastered in order to become a successful user of the Muy Thai master.

Adon seems to fair pretty well against most of the Street Fighter cast considering he has the ability to change up his playstyle from grounded to rushdown, excelling in both. However, where Adon tends to suffer is when he’s pinned up against a competent projectile character. Jaguar Tooth is one way to get around projectiles, but is also a big risk if it becomes predictable. The use of Jaguar Kick is another work around, but requires the correct spacing.

Adon’s cutscene in SFIV‘s arcade mode.

Player Suitability – At a rudimentary level Adon’s playstyle is very beginner friendly. His execution is not considered too difficult, and his combos and moves are relatively easy to learn. The only thing to keep in mind is that while Adon has the tools to get a little crazy and mash through others, he’s really meant to be played in more of a balancing act between “footsies” and rushdown.

At a higher level of play, Adon’s execution spikes in difficulty, mostly due to the precise execution of instant air Jaguar Kick, and his long wall carrying combos. The ability to stay grounded, not giving into the temptation to jump at all times is also a big key to success with Adon.

The unpredictable nature of his air mobility to go along with his solid ground game lends the player to change the pace in a hurry, ultimately it’s about the correct timing of when to flip the switch.

Adon using Jaguar Tooth vs Rose.

Character Specialist –  There were many players who picked up Adon as a pocket character or a fiddled around with the idea of maining him, however the Street Fighter IV era had only one true Adon master, which was Gamerbee.

Gamerbee was a prime example of how a player becomes the embodiment of a character. When you thought of Gamerbee, you thought of Adon. He did use Elena as a sub character, however when it a match went for all the marbles, Gamerbee’s Adon took center stage.

Gamerbee took his superb reactions and combined them with Adon’s excellent tools. Rarely did a jump in not meet a Rising Jaguar, and stand roundhouse (st. hk) made its mark on the opponent quite often.

While Gamerbee’s execution was solid with Adon, as he showcased many hard-hitting combos which required precise linking, his ability to read his opponents and change gear from fighting for space to rushing down was perhaps his strongest attribute as an Adon player, and truly the only one who managed to master meta of Adon as a character.

Adon’s reversal Rising Jaguar has both vertical and horizontal carry.

Summary – Understanding who Adon is as a character is very important in the process of becoming successful with him, as he lives somewhere in the middle of traditional and new age when it comes to his fighting style. However, if just looking to have a fun time, Adon is beginner friendly enough to make that happen.

At the end of the day, if you enjoy the traditional Street Fighter gameplay, but also need a change of pace from time to time, Adon is a perfect fit for you.  


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