Top Favorite 10 Fighting Game Characters

Top 10 Favorite Fighting Game Characters
Published On:
September 24, 2016

I’ve been playing various different fighting for a few years now and like anyone in the FGC, I’ve certainly had my favorite characters along the way. There are multiple styles, personalities, and affiliations on the list. However, what all these characters share in common, is that they all sure know how to kick some ass!


1320406No. 10 – Jago (Killer Instinct Series)

Think if Ryu from Street Fighter and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat performed a fusion, Jago would be the definitive combination of the two.

While he looks the part of a character ready to finish you off with a fatality, when it comes to playstyle, Jago really fits in the street fighting world as he is much more “footsie” oriented than people give him credit for. Equipped with a fireball, an uppercut, and a makeshift hurricane kick to go along with his solid normals, Jago knows how to control the neutral space of the fight.

Even though he’s pretty straightforward, and has a familiar fighting style to the experienced fighting game player, Jago does have a few tricks up his sleeve for rushing you down, if the spacing game isn’t working out.

Jago isn’t the sexy pick by any means, but he is very much in the fighting game player “comfort zone” so though he may seem generic, he is still loads of fun to play.

u8721vm9p9c2v1o6ckj4qengqne7iotqgzi-vtdwytbeimacioxxpgk8bpesly9ppjivb5iww2-452kam8helsrglegaobnkwe94ppj4hbsodl5z5ojcxtxktbahhdtgfub9xqmznj0qfrzzkz9n7y9wx595sokqr6doxqNo. 9 – I-No (Guilty Gear Series)

Usually when you hear someone say “This guitar player kicks ass”! they are usually referencing the music. Well, in this case, I-No is a rocker than will both play you a killer solo and will play you a solo that will kill you.

I-No fits the bill of a Rockstar, everything from her wardrobe, her weaponized electric guitar, and her calm yet spunky demeanor. I-No is a total badass.

She can play up close using her fast normals, she can play far using her zoning specials and mobility, I-No’s playstyle is pretty flexible depending on who she is put up against and there aren’t too many situations where she is at an overwhelming disadvantage, I-No’s only downfall is that her learning curve is relatively higher than average, but to rock hard you gotta’ train hard.

sergei_dragunov_by_jin_05-d5la4bjNo. 8 – Sergei Dragunov (Tekken Series)

A silent assassin with an unorthodox technique and brutal strength, Dragunov is one scary dude.

Not many people enjoy facing up against this military trained killer, and as a user of the character, I can put myself in that group as well. Dragunov is about as balanced as you want a character to be, he has it all, great pokes, solid range, relatively safe “get off me” commands, and of course scary damage, whether you’re prepared or not, it’s going to hurt.

The one thing with Dragunov is how unorthodox his strings can sometimes be, at least for a Tekken character. He took some getting used to, but he is a character I always enjoy playing, and one I foresee myself investing more time in, once Tekken 7 arrives.

Mortal Kombat X_20150414132743No. 7 – Cassie Cage (Mortal Kombat Series)

The daughter of the epitome of cool in Johnny Cage and one of the hardest hitting women in fighting games in Sonya Blade—Cassie Cage has some badass parents and she makes sure to make them proud.

Following in her parents’ footsteps, Cassie combines her mother’s military training with her father’s swagger. That means bullets and glow kicks for anyone in her way, so you may as well step aside now.

Cassie can do some zoning, but she is suited best for rushdown, she aims to hit you hard and hit you often, and once your face is beaten to a pulp, she’ll make sure you hear about it for the rest of your life.

wallpaper-898222No. 6 – Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter Series)

While she doesn’t have a masterful grab on all of the shoto arts, Sakura implements her own style into familiar techniques we have seen from the likes of Ryu and Ken.

Spunky and lighthearted, this schoolgirl knows when playtime is over and can hit hard when it’s time to get down to business. Sakura is definitely a change of pace when it comes to old-school style of playing a shoto-type character. Sporting a smaller fireball, condensed hurricane kick and a winding uppercut, Sakura is less about spacing and more about rushing you down to ground.

Patience is usually the key to success with Sakura, as she looks for an opening to get in your face, and as cute as she might look, when she’s up close, things get scary.

sho_minazuki_p4aNo. 5 – Sho Minazuki (Persona 4 Arena Series)

I’ve never been the one to play the “edgelord”, but if you want some satisfying up-in-your-face rushdown. Sho Minazuki is definitely the answer.

While not a huge fan of his persona using version, I found myself really enjoying the less popular katana-focused Sho the more I used him. The P4A series is no stranger to characters that can rush you down, but Sho does it in such a fun and chaotic way, it’s tough not to root for the bad guy.

Ground mobility, air mobility, excellent range, fast normal, cross-ups, mix-ups, anti-zoning measures, Sho will get in your face whether you want to or not so you better start blocking.

Ultimately, as flashy as Sho is, the aspect I enjoy the most about playing him is that unlike his persona wielding counterpart, you have to work for damage, the tools are all there, if you can open your opponent up, execute your long combos, you’re rewarded. No tricks, no gimmicks, just speed and execution.

king__kof_xiv__by_briankusanagi98-da0689qNo. 4 – King (King of Fighters Series)

She’s classy and she kicks ass. King is a great example of how a “footsie” type character who excels at controlling space, can also excel just as well in rushing you down.

“Venom Strike”! If there is an attack out there that has a cooler sounding name, I’d like to hear it. Fireballs coming out of her feet, tornado kicks, quick compact normals as well as rangy ones. King is the type of character that is cooler than everyone else without even trying.

Everything King does, is done gracefully, and that’s something I really enjoy about her, she has moves that flow on screen, and complimentary mobility. However, the thing that I enjoy the most about King is that she does away with being oversexualized, while still maintaining her femininity.

3rd_strike_yun_w1No. 3 – Yun Lee (Street Fighter Series)

Yun is a character that normally goes against my philosophy when picking fighting game characters, and that is avoiding the “glass-cannons.” However, when you combine rushdown with damage, it makes it difficult to resist.

Aside from never being less than top-tier in any game he is featured in, Yun is simply a ton of fun to play, featuring satisfying combos, great “footsie” tools, and last but not least—a fearless attitude.

The “glass” part of the “glass-cannon” does come into play in certain match-ups where it seems you just can’t afford to get hit, but when you hit as hard and as fast as Yun does, not having any disadvantages would be a crime.

labrys_character_artworkNo. 2 – Labrys (Persona 4 Arena Series)

A feisty android that will let you know a couple things right off the bat; don’t hurt her friends and if her axe is red, be afraid.

Labrys will always hold a special place in my heart when it comes to fighting game characters, as I will always remember her for being my main character during my re-introducing to the fighting game genre.

Labrys has always been between a rock and a hard place, she’s never at a distinct advantage no matter where on the map, while doing her best work up close, if she is rushed down, she will be forced to block for a while, considering she has no useful “get-off me” moves. However, the more momentum she carries in her axe, the stronger she becomes. So if she’s on a roll, your life bar is most likely gone.

Even with being considered low-tier for her career, Labrys is a come-right-at-you, fun and spunky robot with sneaky devastating power, and a great personality.

lili_-_play_magazine_-_girls_of_gaming_-_tekken_6                    No. 1 – Emilie De Rochefort/Lili (Tekken)

Whoever thought ballet and gymnastics combined with street fighting would mesh so well. Well that’s what we have with Lili. Graceful yet painful.

She’s a privileged, stuck-up, yet still kind, and gentle girl, who fights for the sake of rivalry and for her father. We all know who and what Lili is all about, but we still love her. This cartwheeling blonde knows how to kick ass, all while looking good in the process of doing so.

When it comes to Lili’s moves; they seem to flow so naturally, her combination of gymnastics and martial arts give her one of the more satisfying combos to execute and spectate. Although not as great as the rest of the cast, Lili sports solid long and short range pokes, and while having the ability for explosive damage depending on the circumstance, her “annoying” nature of high and low pokes is where I think she excels best.

Ultimately, the reason I enjoy playing Lili so much, has to do with the combination of her personality and fighting style, she kicks ass, she looks good at doing it, and if you don’t point that out, she’ll make sure to remind you.

Honorable Mentions


-Johnny Sfondi (Guilty Gear Series)
-Akihiko Sanada (Persona 4 Arena Series)
-Decapre (Street Fighter Series)
-Sagat (Street Fighter Series)
-Hazama (BlazBlue Series)


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    I’d love to hear other people’s top 10!!

    1. Guile (Street Fighter)
    2. Ryuji Yamazaki (King of Fighters)
    3. Nina Williams (Tekken)
    4. Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur)
    5. Wolf (Virtual Fighter)
    6. Hatton Hanzo (Samurai Showdown)
    7. Cable (Marvel Vs Capcom 2)
    8. Gaia (Battle Arena Toshinden)
    9. Kitana (Mortal Kombat)
    10. Main Shuranai (King of Fighters)


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