Review Process

Review Process
Published On: 
October 8, 2015

So I figured since I’m reviewing video games and that task being fairly subjective, I’d give a little insight on how I got about reviewing these games.

Play the game to completion

The first step is simple, I pick a game that interests me and I play it. Pretty easy huh? However, as I’m playing I might jot down some notes or thoughts along the way. It’s nothing like a rough draft, but just some things that I want to make sure I make note of so won’t forget them when I’m getting down to the actual review.

What do I look for?

Every game is different, but in most cases I tend to look for 3 major categories.  The first being the game’s presentation, that includes visuals, sound, atmosphere, voice acting (if there is any) and if any of those things help the overall theme of the game. For ex: If I’m reviewing a horror game, do the sounds help make me feel scared? Does the lighting compliment the game’s frightening theme?

Secondly what I look for is gameplay, ultimately no matter how good the game looks or sounds, there has to be a game that is viable and playable.  Gameplay usually consists of mechanics, narrative, issues and overall fun. For ex: in my review of Alice: Madness Returns I made sure to point out the game’s bugs and that they felt big enough to me that they hurt my overall experience or fun with the game, therefore hurting the game’s final score.

Lastly, the final impression.  Basically I take the two categories above and combine them into my lasting appeal. I weigh the good and the bad and make a judgement on what I thought about the game. At the end, I share some of my personal thoughts about the game and give it a score. Not a long process, as I  tend to think about my final impression throughout my play-through, it may change as I play but it’s something I always think of.

The Final Score

Scoring, at the end of the day is just a number.  Does it make a game good or bad? No, seeing how a game being good or not is purely subjective, It’s all an opinion. As far as how I break down my scoring it goes something like this:

  • 10.0         Amazing
  • 9.9-9.0  Excellent
  • 8.9-8.0   Great
  • 7.9-7.0   Good
  • 6.9-6.0   Okay
  • 5.9-5.0    Mediocre
  • 4.9-4.0   Poor
  • 3.9-3.0    Bad
  • 2.9-0.0   Awful

Like I said before, a game’s rating/score is just an opinion.  That’s what’s so great about reviewing games.  I get to share my opinion on games, sometimes sharing the same opinion as others and sometimes not.

No one is going to agree all the time on everything but finding people who share the same love for certain games as well as differ on other games can be pretty good as you either have something in common or get to explain your side and listen to theirs.

So that’s my review process, not terribly difficult, but one I still put forth effort in.


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