Hello world!


Hey everyone!

Welcome to my new site, where I’m going to review video games of different genres and hopefully will be able to recommend some of them to you if we have the same type of taste in games.

The way I always saw it was like this, a game’s score or how good/bad it can be is subjective because we don’t all enjoy games the same.  Some people enjoy stealth, some enjoy busting down the door and facing everything head on.  It varies a person to person on how we play games.  So what I am attempting to do for the reader is what I used to do and still do as a video game consumer, find people who have the same taste in video games as I do.  That way I know that there is a higher chance of me liking a certain game if I tend to agree with a reviewer or journalist who enjoys roughly the same games as I do.

I’m also going to be writing some non-review pieces for games I enjoy, A lot of them will be fighting games seeing how that is my favorite genre of games but not limited to just that genre.

I hope you enjoy reading my site!


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